Mexican By birth, chef by convictions and chef by profession.
 Lover of gastronomy, with more than 25 years of experience in international cuisine such as French, Italian, Mediterranean, Asian, Moroccan, Algerian and of course Mexican, which we have been able to offer our customers through our catering company Plan B Gourmet Catering, which due to this pandemic we have had the need to diversify.
AY WEY!! It is the second project than we carry out as a family business, which has had to start in circumstances only to take and offer a minimal share of what is planned, but always thinking about the authenticity of its recipes and satisfy the palates that love Mexican neighborhood cuisine and cravings. In advance with all due respect, professionalism and expecting it to be to your liking.
Our Menu is served with ½ Kilo or 1 kilo to go!  include with corn tortillas, onions, coriander, limes, and home made salsa. All our proteins are vaccum sealed with all sanitize protocols and standards. 

Nuestro menú de contingencia se vende de ½ Kilo y 1 kilo para llevar se sirve con Tortillas de Maiz, Cebolla, Cilantro, limones y salsa. Todas nuestras proteínas están envasadas al alto vacio con todas las medidas y estándares sanitarios listo para servir.

Taco al Pastor (Mexican Street Tacos)

Marinated pork shoulder in guajillo, served with tortillas, fresh cut...
Order by Kilo

Our store

Pick Up @1800 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa, ON, CanadaMon - Fri, 11am - 3pm

Fiesta Mexicana

Aproximadamente para 8 personas
Cochinita pibil, Cabeza de Res, Chorizo.
Se acompaña con tortillas de maíz, cebolla, cilantro, salsas y limones.

Combo de Barrio

Carne al Pastor, Suadero, Carnitas.
Se acompaña con tortillas de maíz, cebolla, cilantro, salsas y limones.

Combo Chilango

2 Quesadillas Machete,
6 Tacos Dorados de pollo c/ Papa
4 Gorditas de Chicharron.
Se acompaña con Salsas, Crema, Queso, Lechuga, Jitomate y Cebolla
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